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About Us

Kingdom Community, Inc. is a 501c3 community development corporation, established on March 29, 2005 to address economic, educational and social challenges in Chicago's inner-city. Over the years, we have witnessed depreciation in the community and a tremendous need for change in our neighborhoods.


We envision a community that has risen out of the ashes and stands strong on a solid foundation of family, faith and finances.Kingdom Community, Inc. believes that all people are valuable and unique no matter who they are and what their past reflects.  This is why we support populations that are underserved in the the Austin, Lawndale and Garfield Park areas in the city of Chicago. This population is comprised of diversified groups including the homeless, ex-offenders, single parents, low-income residents, the jobless, at risk teens, and those who are poorly educated. 


Since our inception we have served over 4,000 individuals and families through workshops, referrals and employment opportunities. To learn more about our current programs and initiatives. Please contact  us today at (773) 379-0077.

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